Audiovisual installation for the exhibition "Cathars and troubadours" at the Museum of the History of Catalonia (2003)

The history of La Rara Avis Films begins in 2003 when Ignasi Cristià, playwright and set designer, was hired to design an exhibition about the history of Occitania. The most important space in the exhibition did not contain objects, only a list of dates related to the crusade against the Cathars. What started as a design commission turned into an audiovisual installation that led to the creation of the company.

Film shooting of the documentary "The Codorníu Legacy" on the Poblet Monastery (2007)

Since then, we have specialized in using audiovisual language to explain stories in the field of culture. We differentiate ourselves by paying attention to the place where each production is projected, usually an exhibition space or a stage space, considering it a crucial element in the entire production process.

Make-up touch-ups during the shooting of the audiovisual "Romanorum Vita" on a set in Barcelona (2010)

We adapt to the needs of each project and offer a personalized service that includes everything from the first idea to post-production. For this reason, we work with regular collaborators and create multidisciplinary teams that fit specific needs.

A crew of four behind a video camera, A painting in the background. Film shooting of the documentary "The shadow, the wounded, the ball and the girl" at the National Art Museum of Catalonia (2015)

We consider each audiovisual production as a tailor-made suit. Our passion for culture and our experience in the world of theater allow us to approach each project with a unique perspective.

Woman sitting on a chair while reading a book Mireille Gansel during a break from filming the documentary “Translation as Transhumance” in the kitchen of Cal Compte in Torroja del Priorat (2022)

Twenty years after our first audiovisual production, we are starting a new step, focusing on cultural documentaries of independent production.